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The Fear of Self-Promotion

March 12, 2012 1 comment

Does the idea of practicing self-promoting behaviors seem like something you just can’t possibly do?  Or, maybe you just won’t do?  Whatever the reasons may be for this, please understand that not promoting yourself will limit your success, regardless of what it is you do for a living, and it can hit those who are in contact dependent work settings especially hard.

If any of this hits home, you may be suffering from the fear of self-promotion.  The fear is real.  It is measurable.  And it can keep competent and deserving people in many walks of life from being recognized for their contributions and therefore, earning what they’re worth.  Many people who fear applying self-promotion to their career interests bring innocent expectations with them to those careers that are not met by the harsh realities of the workplace.  These people often end up being unrecognized, overlooked and underappreciated.  They become invisible cogs in the company engine.  They work to keep the place humming, but no one knows who they are or what they do, and their paychecks most often reflect that.  The reasons for being unwilling or unable to self-promote will vary from person to person, but these reasons will all stem from the same roots – fear.  Once you face the fear and learn to control or even overcome it, you’ll be on your way to using those self-promoting behaviors to get you where you want to go.  BSRP has a way to help you figure out if you could be suffering from the fear of self-promotion and if you are, they also have the tools to help you face the fear and get you on your way to being a better self-promoter and earning what you’re worth.  Visit the website for more information on that- .

The fear of self-promotion is found everywhere in motivated, goal-striving people in all kinds of careers who have trouble promoting themselves.  When it is found limiting salespeople, it is known as Sales Call Reluctance® because it places an artificially low ceiling on the number of first contacts which can be comfortably initiated with prospective clients on a consistent basis.  If you are a salesperson who might be suffering from sales call reluctance, keep reading because I’ll be looking at Sales Call Reluctance in more detail soon.

Susan Claunch

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